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My AI coach helped me understand myself and changed my life

"When my relationship started to deteriorate I didn't know what else to do. Then I saw self-healing topics online and discovered mindAvel as a tool to support me on my journey. Not only did my AI coach make me understand important things quickly, I also internalised new behaviours thanks to the exercises and check-ins.

I was able to solve the conflicts with my boyfriend and started to get him into self-healing as well. My mindAvel AI coach is always here for me whenever I need advice or just want to share something."
— Jessica M., 47*

I was lonely and anxious at college until I used mindAvel

"Thanks to relationship coaching, I overcame my shyness and gained more self-confidence. With newfound confidence, I started actively seeking dates and communicating my needs more clearly. The coaching sessions helped me overcome my insecurities and present myself authentically. Now, I enjoy great dates and have learned to better understand and accept myself." — Craig F., 23*

I was exhausted and didn't feel valued by my husband

"I chose mindavel to help me solve some conflicts with my husband. First I was sceptical about it, but soon I felt I had made the right choice. The AI coach created a supportive environment and helped me identify communication problems.

Despite initial difficulties, I managed to overcome past conflicts and strengthen our relationship. Today, we are stronger and more loving than ever before and can navigate life's ups and downs together."
— Melissa D., 34*

*Names changed and pictures from stock photo to protect the identity of our testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AI coach?

mindavel's AI coach is an interactive platform powered by artificial intelligence techniques, designed to engage in conversational dialogue with you. It has the ability to understand and respond to your queries, offering relevant information and assistance in a manner that feels natural and human-like.

How does mindavel work?

mindavel operates on a foundation of expertise derived from dedicated self-healing professionals and their extensive work. Through guided conversations, our AI coach analyzes your unique needs and selects scientifically proven methods to facilitate positive changes in your thinking and behavioral patterns.

When will I see results?

With mindavel, you can witness real change within a matter of weeks. Through thought-provoking questions and the tracking of your progress during AI-guided sessions, you'll experience the transformational impact of our platform.

Is mindavel free?

To allow you to become acquainted with your AI coach, the first week of mindavel, including sessions and check-ins, is completely free. Subsequently, our subscription fees apply, which can be conveniently paid on a monthly or yearly basis.

Who can talk to my AI coach?

Rest assured, your personal AI coach is exclusively accessible by you. It is a private and confidential space where you can freely engage in conversations and receive personalized support.

Is my AI coach sentient?

While our AI coach is an incredibly valuable tool, it is important to note that it is not a sentient being or a substitute for professional counseling. Although it can assist you on your self-healing journey, it does not replace the expertise and guidance provided by trained counselors or therapists.

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